BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] K Koke (@KokeUSG) The Interview [@VladTV] | #UKRap #UKHipHop

K Koke (@KokeUSG) The Interview [@VladTV]

British rapper K Koke in  sits down for an in-depth interview with  VladTV . click on the top left of the player to play the part of the interview you would like to see.

1)  K Koke on Getting Shot At 100 Times Starting at 15-Years-Old

2) K Koke: “Are You Alone” was Based on an OG Who Snitched on My Whole Hood

UK Roc Nation artist K Koke in this clip talks to Vlad about the moment he realized he may have a career in music, early British “road,” or gangsta rap, and the series of events that led to him signing a record deal with Jay-Z. Watch above.

3) K Koke on Being First UK Rapper to Sign to JAY-Z for £100k

In this brief clip, UK rapper K Koke describes the series of events that led to him being signed with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. K Koke notes that a deal with Jay-Z, arguably the biggest rapper in the world, was, “unthinkable for a UK artist at those times.” Watch above.

4)  K Koke on Being Charged w/ Attempted Murder After Roc Nation Deal

K Koke opened up to VladTV about being arrested for attempted murder just four months after being the first UK rapper to sign a deal with Roc Nation. He explained that police wrongly accused him of shooting a man at a train station after claiming that they used stills from camera footage to identify K Koke as the shooter.

After being in jail without bail for eight months, K Koke went to trial, and the evidence from police was thrown out because it wasn’t credible. The alleged shooter was later charged with the crime, and K Koke addressed whether he thought he was being targeted by local police. Hit the above clip to hear what he had to say.

5) K Koke on How Relationship with Roc Nation Soured, Talk with Jay-Z

In this clip, UK rapper K Koke sat with DJ Vlad and discussed a couple of interesting topics. For starters, K Koke revealed that he dislikes his most commercially successful track, “Lay Down Your Weapons” featuring Rita Ora.

He also detailed some of the label woes he’s had to deal with over the course of his career, particularly being forced to make singles in order to remain signed to Sony and he also discusses the fallout with Roc Nation. Some other moments K Koke highlighted was his first time meeting JAY-Z and Kanye where he thought Hov to be humble and gracious and Ye more arrogant and “ignorant.” Most interesting was K Koke detailing the run-ins with the London Police and particularly how they routinely shut down his shows.

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15th August 2017

w/c 14th August 2017

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