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BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] ChuckieOnline (@ChuckieOnline) & Poet (@PoetsCornerUK) – #HALFCASTPODCAST: Guests: Sian Anderson (@SianAnderson) & Nadia Jae (@ItsNadiaJae) – ‘Angry Black Woman’ | #Podcast #Colourism #CulturalAppropriation

In this week’s episode of #HalfcastPodcast ChuckieOnline is joined by Sian Anderson & Nadia Jae to discuss the following: Why don’t feminist keep the same energy with Kim Kardashian? What was the issue with her hair? Why does the ‘Angry Black Woman’ stereotype still exist today? Should SteffLon Don own her tweet from the past (If she said it)? Was Not3 showing a lack of support to black woman over the Mabel situation??? Today was a deep one. Continue reading

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