BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Aitch (@OfficialAitch) Recalls First Rap Beef, Jack Harlow Friendship, Measures Height & More [HipHopDx] | #UKRap #UKHipHop

Manchester rap star Aitch sat down with with Hip-Hop DX while out on a promotional tour in the US. He talks about his first Rap beef, Jack Harlow friendship, measures height & more.

1:00 – Aitch on his vision for the future
1:30 – Aitch talks about his first music video and showing his friends
2:30 – Aitch talks about freestyling behind a church
4:30 – Aitch recalls his first local Facebook rap beef
6:30 – Aitch’s grandma gives him a hard time about his lyrics
7:00 – How Aitch first got put onto rap music
7:30 – How Aitch fell in love with Booty for the first time
8:26 – 10:00 – Aitch’s friend Has 50 Cent’s Jacket
10:20 – Aitch talks about his Hip Hop fashion phases
12:00 – Aitch has always been comfortable with who he is
13:00 – 16:37 – Aitch confirms his height as 6’0
17:36 – 18:00 – Aitch has gotten better at math because of rapping
19:00 – Aitch recalls when Stormzy and Lil Durk originally reached out
21:30 – Aitch talks about his future goals
22:28 – 23:57 – Aitch has a message for Lizzo
24:15 – Do Aitch and Amelia Still keep in touch?
24:38 – 25:19 – Aitch is still a virgin
25:20 – Aitch talks about narrowing down songs for his new album
26:36 – Aitch is still waiting on Stormzy for his verse
26:58 – Aitch talks about his relationship with Jack Harlow
30:05 – Aitch explains the “bro code”

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