BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Aitch (OfficialAitch) Vlad TV Interview 2022 | #UKRap #UKHipHop

Manchester rap star Aitch sat down with Vlad TV while out in the states recording and doing a promotional tour. (Click on the top-right side of the video to select a part to watch)

Aitch on How He Blew Up As A Rapper in the UK (Part 1)

In part one of his interview with Vlad TV talks about his upbringing blowing up from his freestyle “Straight Rhymes”, doing rap while at college, interest from labels, signing a deal for his debut album.

Aitch on Collaborating with Stormzy, Speaks on Stabbings in the UK (Part 2)

In this clip, Aitch weighed in on the trend of violent stabbings in the U.K. and what he thinks the link is between the stabbings and the music people listen to (and produce). He also talked about whether he has security with him when he’s back in Manchester and how he moves when he’s back home.

Aitch on Making His Biggest Song ‘Rain’ with AJ Tracey, Produced by Tay Keith (Part 3)

In this clip, Aitch spoke with Shirley Ju about linking up with Ed Sheeran after he reached out on Instagram. He recalled Ed gifting him a pair of rare Louis Vuitton boots after shooting a video for their collaboration. Aitch also talked a bit about the distinction between rap and grime in the UK and where he fits in that distinction.

Aitch also talked about recording his hit track with AJ Tracey titled “Rain,” produced by Tay Keith. He talked about how the song came together and subsequently shooting a video with both AJ and Tay Keith in Los Angeles. Elsewhere in the clip, Aitch recounted his days of playing soccer and revealed his biggest purchase since becoming a rapper.

Aitch on Putting Plus Sized Girls on His Song Cover (Part 4)

In this clip, Aitch spoke with Shirley Ju about the inspiration behind “Learning Curve” and coming up with it while drunk in Dubai. He discussed using plus sized women for his single cover and whether he has a certain type of woman that he’s interested in.

Aitch Lists His Top 5 UK Rappers of All Time (Part 5)

In this clip, Aitch told Shirley Ju his top five UK rappers of all time but had difficulty keeping it to five. He also talked about his infatuation with the Detroit rap scene and who some of his US collabs have been


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