BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Lethal Bizzle (@LethalBizzle ) On how KSI made him more private with his cars , Ghana property development, the pandemic & more with Yianni (@yiannimize) | #Business #Property #Investments

Lethal Bizzle popped in with his new PS5 to wrap while we had a catch up upstairs. Me and@bizzlevideos talk cars (obviously), cars he’s used in his music videos including my Ferrari in ‘Rarri Workout’, how he was mistaken for @KSI once, The Signature property project in Ghana, buying and selling cars AND who is tighter with money!! Then we reveal his freshly wrapped PS5.

00:00 intro
00:16 Bizzle arrives
00:34 PS5 out the LV bag
02:57 how we met
03:33 Bizzle’s cars
06:25 how KSI made Bizzle more private with his cars
07:22 “what is it with you selling cars?”
10:00 Bizzle discovery
10:38 Bizzle the business man
11:47 The Signature, Ghana property development
14:01 “Ghana is the Dubai of West Africa” Lethal Bizzle. 2021
14:07 Mumzy Bizzle
15:09 Pandemic times
15:32 new Lethal Bizzle music and Daily Duppy
19:15 the growth of Bizzle
21:18 the PS5 wrap reveal
23:22 outro ::

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