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Chris The Capo (@ChrisTheCapo) – #WhoInfluencedMe Podcast

#WhoInfluencedMe is a podcast presented by Chris The Capo dealing all things Grime, reviews, discussion interviews and more.

Episode 023 of #WhoInfluencedMe  Who Influenced Me Ep.23: The Jammz Episode

Finally making my way back to 140 Grime Street, I’ve returned and this week I’ve linked up with the genius Young Raiden himself Jammz. Mainly speaking about the progression and DIY nature of the Grime scene.

As well as:
– The early stages of making music, from college and university days
– Linking up with Once Upon a Grime and starting the ‘I Am Grime’ t-shirts
– Getting into the fashion world and founding Trendsetter UK
– How P Money influenced him to take music to the next level
– The importance of radio sets and being a good outlet
– ‘Hit Then Run’ being released and played at the ASAP Mob Boiler Room plus ‘Keep It Simple’
– From working at Apple to being the first UK Represent artist on Beats 1 on Julie’s show
– How he made ‘It’s A London Thing’
– Wanting to be a known for being an MC over a producer
– Touring with Kano on Made In The Manor
– Warrior and Warrior 2 EP’s
– Entrepreneurship in Grime, with the merchandise and vinyls
– Founding ‘I Am Grime’ label and linking up with Jack Dat
– Getting into radio and hosting his own show ‘I Am Grime’
– Classic Radar Radio days
– Past clash with Merky Ace
– Balancing working life and music
– Writing and acting in the ‘Poet In Da Corner’ show at the Royal Court Theatre
– Having an international presence – touring overseas as well as his Warrior 2 tour
– Grime is NOT dead
– Viral moments within Grime
– Forthcoming projects and releases

Jammz – @Jammz on Twitter & @JammzTheMyth on Instagram
Chris The Capo – @ChrisTheCapo on Twitter & Instagram

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