BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] ChuckieOnline (@ChuckieOnline) & Poet (@PoetsCornerUK) – #HALFCASTPODCAST Guest: DJ Slick (@DJSlick)& Madders Tiff – ‘Chicken Shop Fears’ | #Podcast #Grime #UKRap

ChuckieOnline (@ChuckieOnline) & Poet (@PoetsCornerUK) – #HALFCASTPODCAST  Guest: DJ Slick (@DJSlick)& Madders Tiff – ‘Chicken Shop Fears’

ChuckieOnline  is back with another episode of #HalfcastPodcast and is joined by DJ Slick and Grime MC Madders Tiff to the discuss the following:

*But first, we discuss… ’12 Fears Men Never Talk About’.

*Recently Giggs took offense to a comment made about UK Rappers not supporting grass roots platforms by black women. Was he right to be offended or does that statement hold some weight?

Video Excerpts

1 12 things men fear but neve talk about’

2. Does everything have to be about race: Nature or Nurture?

Guests: @DJSlickUK / @MaddersTiff

Insta: HalfcastPod

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