BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] Bilal (TweetsByBilal) x Kwaku (SlimWednesday) x Patrick (CariocaLondrino) x Tom (TomTheEconomist) – #OverTheBridgePodcast (OTBPodcastUK) | #Education #Podcast

Bilal (TweetsByBilal) x Kwaku (SlimWednesday) x Patrick (CariocaLondrino) x Tom (TomTheEconomist) – #OverTheBridgePodcast (OTBPodcastUK)

#OverTheBridgePodcast is a presented by Cambridge University Graduates Bilal, Kwaku, Tom & Patrick who talk life before, during and well – after ‘The Bridge’. Expect chats about life, and our own experiences.

Black Excellence (Part 2) With Storzmy

In this episode Bilal, Kwaku, Tom & Patrick are joined by award winning Grime artist Stormzy for his debut appearance on a podcast!.

In an exclusive reveal, Stormzy walks us through the motivations behind the Scholarships for black students at Cambridge University and we discuss how to use ones platform.

This is one episode not to miss.

As always, get in touch:

Twitter: @otbpodcastuk
Instagram: @otbpodcastuk

BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] Bilal (TweetsByBilal) x Kwaku (SlimWednesday) x Patrick (CariocaLondrino) x Tom (TomTheEconomist) – #OverTheBridgePodcast (OTBPodcastUK) | #Education #Podcast st

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