BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] Chris The Capo (ChrisTheCapo) Scully (isthatscully) Jude (Judiniho) – #PlayedInFull Podcast | #Grime #Podcast

Chris The Capo (@ChrisTheCapo)  Scully (@isthatscully) Jude (@Judiniho)  – #PlayedInFull Podcast

#PlayedInFull is a podcast presented by Chris The Capo, Scully, an Jude dealing all things Grime & UK Rap, reviews, discussion interviews and more.

Latest episode

Played In Full 19: ‘Do P Money & Little Dee Help Bring Grime Back To Life?’

In episode 19 of #PlayedInFull –  Jude,  ScullyChris The Capo, discuss the following:

6:14 – Madness of the Week
Talking about wild Twitter donny’s talking about Marns and other road guys doing juju and rising up machines on people who owe them £7
Along with Lil Uzi Vert being sued by a satanic cult and glamourising satanism #JujuIsNoJoke

14:57 – Big up the podcast culture and the industry dargs dem making power moves right now

27:48 – Our initial expectations when the project was firstly announced
29:10 – Is Grime dead? Are the artists more popular than the actual sound is? The hierarchies within Grime and the issues that stop Grime from elevating to the next level. Who are the five pillars of Grime? Why is Grime based on nostalgia rather than having a healthy balance of that and the present/future

38:30 – Back 2 Back being a Lewisham kids’ dream, the chemistry between P Money and Little Dee as well as if it’s a good Grime project – deciphering the album track for track, production and bars. Last but not least picking our best 3 songs off the project.

47:40 – Best Grime duos
1:08:07 – The final Fifa Ultimate Card ratings and final analysis of the tape
1:16:41 – Flavours of the Week

Chris The Capo:
ItsNate – Bon Appetit

A2 – Rolling Stones (ft. Bonkaz)

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BRITHOPTBRITHOPTV: [Podcast] Chris The Capo (ChrisTheCapo) Scully (isthatscully) Jude (Judiniho) - #PlayedInFull Podcast | #Grime #PodcastV: [Podcast] Chris The Capo (ChrisTheCapo) Scully (isthatscully) Jude (Judiniho) - #PlayedInFull Podcast | #Grime #Podcast

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