BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] ChuckieOnline (@ChuckieOnline) & Poet (@PoetsCornerUK) – #HALFCASTPODCAST: Guests: Krept (@KreptPlayDirty) & Konan (@KonanPlayDirty) – ‘Concrete Bridges’ | #Podcast #UKRap #UKHipHop

ChuckieOnline (@ChuckieOnline) & Poet (@PoetsCornerUK) – #HALFCASTPODCAST: Guests:  Krept (@KreptPlayDirty)  & Konan (@KonanPlayDirty) – ‘Concrete Bridges’

This week on #HalfcastPodcast ChuckieOnline  & Poet  and are joined by  two very special guests, UK Rap stars  Krept And Konan to discuss the following:

Words From ChuckieOnline:

“A few weeks back me and Poet have a conversation about whether Krept & Konan were too Americanised. This week Krept & Konan came in to discuss why that got on their nerves, why they feel overlooked, issues they’ve been having behind the scenes, there foundation Positive Direction plus more.”

 Video Excerpts

Comning Soon….

Guests: @KreptPlayDirty & @KonanPlayDirty


BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] ChuckieOnline (@ChuckieOnline) & Poet (@PoetsCornerUK) - #HALFCASTPODCAST: Guests: Krept (@KreptPlayDirty) & Konan (@KreptPlayDirty) - 'Concrete Bridges' | #Podcast #UKRap #UKHipHop

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