BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Cadet (@CallMeCadet) – #INTROSPECTION 2017 [@AmaruDonTV] | #Grime #UKRap

Cadet (@CallMeCadet)  – #INTROSPECTION 2017 [@AmaruDonTV]

South London Grime MC, Cadet sits down with Amaru Wilcox of ADTV to discuss a range of issues/topics ahead of the release of his ‘Commitment 2’ E.P. Click on the top left of the player to select the video you would like to watch.

Pre-order ‘The Commitment 2’ now:

1) Cadet – #Introspection (Part1) : Purpose and Prophecy, Financial Struggle, Letter To Krept And More

Watch Part 1 of  Grime artist Cadet in his forthcoming and open Introspective interview with Amaru Don TV… discussing why he deviated away from his deep records that solidified, the financial struggles as an independent artist and the backstory to his Letter To Krept song and a lot more. Make sure you watch this to the end.

2) Cadet – #Introspection (Part2) :  ‘Little Bro’ (The Breakdown)

#TheBreakdown With UK Rapper Cadet explaining his track “Little Bro” on his latest EP “The Commitment 2”

3) Cadet –  #Introspection (Part3) ‘Relationships and Music’ (Invest)

“Relationships and Music”. How do artists balance the both? It’s time for us to delve deeper into the challenges facing artists when it comes to having a balanced relationship.

Some excerpts from Cadet’s Introspection on Relationships and Music.

“I Have Trust Issues”

“Walk Like a King and Your Queen Will Come To You”

“I’m Damaged Goods”

We unpack a lot in this interview. Leave your comments, opinions and feedback on what we discuss.

More “Relationships and Music” segments to come.

4) Cadet –  #Introspection (Part4) Behind Barz (Take 2) ‘Not Now’ | #INTROSPECTION

Cadet provides Amaru Don TV with the backstory on his latest ‘Behind Barz take 2’ freestyle on Link Up TV. This segment is very deep and emotive. We want to thank Cadet for opening up so much on his family situation in this #Introspection

The original track is featured on Cadet’s latest EP “The Commitment 2” on a heartfelt song called ‘Not Now’ where Cadet details shocking news about his fathers health.

The Introspection series is where we get deeper with the artists. Let us know your thoughts and keep the comments coming!

 5) Cadet Discusses Puma Collaboration And Brand Ambassador Aspiration

UK artist Cadet speaks on his ongoing relationship with Puma and his hopes for working with the brand in the future.



BRITHOPTV: [New Release] Cadet (@CallMeCadet) - 'The Commitment 2' E.P. OUT NOW! [Rel. 21/07/17] | #Grime #UKRap20th August 2017

w/c 14th August 2017

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