BRITHOPTV: [New Music] P Money (@KingPMoney) – ‘On Sight’ (Dot Rotten Diss)’ (Dot Rotten [@ProducerZeph] Diss)’ | #SendCentral #DotRottenVsPMoney | #Grime

P Money (@KingPMoney) – ‘On Sight’ (Dot Rotten Diss)‘ (Dot Rotten [@ProducerZeph] Diss)

The old beef between south London Grime MCs Dot Rotten & P Money  has resurfaced. Following a back and forth on Twitter between the two, Dot Rotten  unleashed  ferocious  assault in the in his  war dub ‘Oganised Grime Freestyle’.

Many wondered whether P Money would respond, but a true Grime MC can never take such things laying down, and has unleashed his warrior spirit and dropped his response, ‘Real Talk’ (Dot Rotten Diss)

P Money  then followed up with a double jab with his two- for-one war dub, Liar In The Booth/ Mug’ taken from his Snake EP  out 28/ 07/ 2017.

The latest is Dot Rotten AKA Zeph Ellis returns and throws a vicious hook over the jab with his counteraction war dub, ‘Real Talk ( P Money Diss)

Update: 23rd July 2017

The war of words between P Money and Dot Rotten is far from over. Following Dot Rotten dropping his ‘Real Talk’ (P Money Diss)  the two  continued their back-and-forth  on Twitter regarding each others war dubs, P Money loads up the clip with another vicious assault with new war dub, ‘Did You Notice?’ produced by Thomas Mellor, taken from his ‘Snake E.P’. dedicated to Dot Rotten 28/07/17

Dot Rotten announced via Twitter that he is going away on holiday, but will be back  soon to film a video war his new war dub.

Update: 25th July 2017 10: 00AM

P Money announces via Twitter that he is going to drop another Dot Rotten war dub at 6pm (GMT)

Update: 25th July 2017 12: 00 PM

Just as he promised Dot Rotten drops his reply to P Money‘s ‘Did You Notice’, with new war dub, ‘FACT’s, in which he states where he feels P Money isn’t being truthful. He also takes massive shots at OGz member Blacks .

Update: 25th July 2017 15: 00 PM

Dot Rotten  stated on twitter that he will be dropping his second war dub of the day,‘Steak Bake’ in the evening with a video on Spotify, but the the audio has already leaked!

Update: 25th July 2017 17: 45 PM

Dot Rotten‘ drops the visuals for his fourth war for P Money entitled ‘Steak Bake’.

Update: 25th July 2017 18: 00 PM

P Money delivers the visuals  for his new war dub which is his fourth entitled ‘Bruck Beyond Broke’.

Update: 27th July 2017 22: 00 PM

While Dot Rotten has been abroad catching some sun P Money was crafting his next assault and follow up to ‘Bruck Beyond Broke’, and drops another two-for one  with, P Money – ‘I Got Bars/Man Like Peri (Dot Rotten Diss)‘.

Update: 1st August 2017

P Money  doubles up on the assault and follows up to P Money – ‘I Got Bars/Man Like Peri (Dot Rotten Diss), a with another war dub, P Money – ‘On Sight (Dot Rotten Diss)from his ‘Snake 2’ EP OUT NOW!

Dot Rotten – ‘Organised Grime’ (P Money Diss) here

P Money – ‘Real Talk’ (Dot Rotten Diss) here 

P Money – ‘Liar In The Booth/Mug’ (Dot Rotten Diss) here

Dot Rotten – ‘Real Talk’ (P Money Diss) here

P Money – ‘Did You Notice’ (Dot Rotten Diss) here

Dot Rotten – ‘FACTS’ (P Money Diss) here

Dot Rotten – ‘Steak Bake’ (P Money Diss) here

P Money – ‘Bruck Beyond Broke’ (Dot Rotten Diss) here

P Money – ‘I Got Bars/Man Like Peri‘ (Dot Rotten Diss) here

1st August 2017

w/c 31st July 2017

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