BRITHOPTV: [Vlog] “About you Got A Security Firm In JA, Shut Up Blud!” P Money (@KingPMoney) – ‘Snaps’ on Dot Rotten (@ProducerZeph) #SendCentral #DotRottenVsPMoney | #Grime

“About you Got A Security Firm In JA, Shut Up Blud!” P Money (@KingPMoney) – ‘Snaps’ on Dot Rotten   (@ProducerZeph) 

You would have to be living under a rock not to know about the vicious lyrical  warfare between  Dot Rotten Vs P Money.

Over the course  of two weeks there have been a series of war dubs back-and-forth which has sent social media into storm and will most definitely have to go down as one the best Grime clashes in history.

Drawing to a close, P Money speaks to fans via his Snapchat, letting them know his ‘Snake 2’E.P is out on Spotify, and  will  be on other platforms soon. He announced that he will drop his final wardub on Wednesday which is not on the E.P, and that he thinks the clash is getting a “Little Boring”.

He announced a special project OGz V Davinche was going to drop soon, and had a little did at his nemeis Dot Rotten, clowning him,  on alledged claims Dot said he had, and that he has a security firm in Jamaica, to which P Money responded: “About you Got A Security Firm In JA, Shut Up Blud!”

Follow all the latest updates in the war between Dot Rotten Vs P Money, other UK beefs and clashes  with #Sendcentral here

29th July 2017

w/c 24th July 2017

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