BRITHOPTV: [News] WI-RE-LY-LESS: Wiley No Show Leads To Lethal Bizzle’s Dench Fee | #Grime

WI-RE-LY-LESS: Wiley No Show Leads To Lethal Bizzle’s Dench Fee

BRITHOPTV: [News] WI-RE-LY-LESS: Wiley No Show Leads To Lethal Bizzle's Dench Fee | #Grime

This weekend (Saturday 8, & Sunday 9 July)  is big one for the music scene in the UK, as the annual Wireless Festival returns. Stacked with loads of top artist the festival is great opportunity for fans  to see some the biggest stars domestically and internationally in one place.

One of this artist who was due to perform was none other than the ‘Godfather Of Grime’, Wiley. In true Eskiboy fashion at the last moment, Wiley for whatever reason was unable to attend, which left the promoters with a dilemma.

According Lethal Bizzle who shared a video on snapchat, he received a phone call from the promoters who said  Wiley hadn’t turned up, and asked whether he could take his spot.

Always the business man, Lethal Bizzle enquired about the fee. He claims the promoters offered £40,000 for to perform, to which he explained that “it’s all a little last minute”, and ask  for them to see if they could double the fee and to get back with him.

Sure enough Lethal Bizzle says that they got back to him, and confirmed that they could double the offer.  In  his own words  Bizzle said: “Bwoy, I”m too African to turn that Down Cuz!”.

Lethal Bizzle‘s –‘You’ll Never Make A Million From Grime’ is out now on all good digital outlets


BRITHOPTV: [New Release] Lethal Bizzle (@LethalBizzle) - 'You'll Neber Make A Million From Grime' E.P. OUT NOW! [Rel. 05/05/17] | #Grime #UKRap


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