BRITHOPTV: [News] London Goes Universal: Stefflon Don Inks V-IV LONDON Label Deal With Universal Music | #Music #MusicNews

East London rapper Stefflon Don  Inks Label Deal With Universal Music 

BRITHOPTV: [News] London Goes Universal: Stefflon Don Inks V-IV LONDON Label Deal Deal With Universal Music | #Music #MusicNews

 East London rapper  Stefflon Don has  announced via social medial that she has just signed a label deal with Universal Music rumoured to be worth worth £1.2M.

In  the caption to a picture she posted on instagram she said the following:

“Signed my label to Universal then I signed myself.  V-IV LONDON. A year ago I walked into the labels and they wasn’t offering what I knew I was worth, So I knew I had to grind to show them my value. Sometimes people don’t see your vision, so I put my vision on screens and they watched and believed everything I did they started speaking numbers and I speak that shit fluently and now …. Here We Are Married To The Game. The UK Aint Seen This Shit B4!”

Stefflon Don is a polished versatile artist that mixes Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and R&B,  she can rap, sing,  and has a visually appealing  image which is always a combination that tends to work well in the music game.

Her ‘Real Ting’ mixtape is  a solid offering, eclectic in vibe which showcases the diversity mentioned above, from the hard head-nodd New York hip-hop vibe of ‘Real Ting’, to the dancehall  flavoured,  ’16 Shots’ which both were accompanied with quality videos that have hit millions of views on YouTube.

Following in the likes of Stormzy, Stefflon Don has not opted for the standard deals record labels are dishing out, but rather has taken the step in starting up her own label, V-IV LONDON, which will give  her more control over her career.

Universal Music have recently announced that they are setting a new label to focus on Urban music, and  this most recent signing is proof that they are serious about capitalising on the rapid growth of UK’s street sounds.

This is a great move by Stefflon Don that I’m sure will inspire more people to take control of their careers with Focus on ownership.

Congratulations Stefflon Don!


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