BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Mist – The Interview [@VladTV] #Birmingham | #UKRap #UKHipHop

Mist (@Tweet_Mist) The Interview [@VladTV]

Birmingham rapper Mist sits down with VladTV for an in depth Interview. Click on the top left  corner of the player to select a part of the interview you would like to see.

1) Mist on Replica Crips & Bloods in England, Not Getting Into Gang Life

2) Mist Details High-Speed Police Chase Involving 2 Helicopters & 10 Cop Cars

3)  Mist on Using Punjabi in His Raps, “Karla” Meaning “Black Man”

In this interview, British rapper, Mist, explains why he uses Punjabi in his music and how he sold out his first tour selling nearly 3,00 tickets. Although Mist admits he and his manager thought they would sell-out in a couple of weeks, they ended up selling out four locations in 45-minutes. The demand for Mist was so high that he says he “upgraded” and still managed to sell those out as well.

4) Mist on Azealia Banks Saying UK Rap is a Disgrace: She Doesn’t Affect Us At All

In this clip from VladTV’s interview with Mist, the UK artist talks Azealia Banks’ controversial, or perhaps uncontroversial, comments on the UK rap scene. Responding to Banks’ remarks that, “UK artists never have swag,” and, “UK rap is a disgrace,” Mist says, “Azealia Banks doesn’t affect my career…I don’t look up to her. [Nothing she says] affects the rap game.” Mist went on to tell Vlad about how he got the name ‘Mist,’ and his graffiti days.


BRITHOPTV: [New Release] Mist (@Tweet_Mist) - 'M I S To The T' E.P. OUT NOW! [Rel. 16/09/16] #Birmingham | #UKRap #UKHipHop3rd March 2017

w/c 27th February 2017


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