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Tim Westwood (@TimWestwood ) The Interview [@VladTV]

Legendary Hip-Hop DJ Tim Westwood  sat down with  VladTV for an in depth interview about his career as a DJ.  Click on the top left corner of the player to select a part of the interview you would like to see.

1) Tim Westwood on How He Got Started as a DJ

2) Tim Westwood on Pirate Radio and not being able a support of 90’s UK Hip-Hop in the club

3) Tim Westwood Details Getting Shot, Never Thinking of Snitching to Police

UK DJ recalls getting shot 10 years ago while driving his car. “Some bike pulled up,” he says, “One [bullet] came in, came out the other side.” Tim goes on to explain, “I didn’t snitch then, I’m not gonna snitch now. I’m a DJ, not a gangster.” Westwood then confides that the shooting didn’t make him more cautious, if anything, it made him act “crazier.”

4)  Tim Westwood on Ppl Saying He Talks Black: How Am I Supposed to Sound?

In this clip from Tim Westwood’s interview with VladTV, Vlad brings up some a few of Tim’s past controversies. Tim Westwood talks taking criticism from KRS-One and accusations that he speaks with a “black accent,” and being white in hip-hop. “I’m a hip-hop DJ, how am I meant to talk?” Westwood says. “I can’t apologize for being white.” Watch the clip above.

5) Tim Westwood on Being Accused By the Prime Minister of Promoting Violence

Tim Westwood opened up to VladTV about being criticized for promoting violence by playing street music in the U.K., adding that the Prime Minister even called him out in Parlament. When asked how he feels about these types of accusations, Tim said that he doesn’t feel like listening to rap music will inspire you to be a gangster.

Adding to the conversation, Tim said rap gives artists like Giggs a way out of the streets, and you can hear the rest of his thoughts on the conversation up top.

6) Tim Westwood Doesn’t Give a F**k What Azealia Banks Says About UK Rappers

When it comes to a successful UK artist also breaking in the US, Tim Westwood says he doesn’t understand why. While so many artists are having a great career on the UK charts, Westwood doesn’t believe the have to look to the US market to base the success of British stars. “Our success should be based on our own audience embracing our homegrown acts.”Also in this interview, Westwood addresses Azealia Banks’ comments regarding UK rap and tells DJ Vlad that she’s entitled to her opinion

Also in this interview, Westwood addresses Azealia Banks’ comments regarding UK rap and tells DJ Vlad that she’s entitled to her opinion and he really doesn’t give a f***.

17th February 2017

w/c 13th February 2017

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