BRITHOPTV: [News] Daily Mail Slammed For Using Section Boyz’s Image In Unrelated Story On Australia’s Apex Gang | #UKRapNews #MusicNews

  • Daily Mail Slammed For Using Section Boyz’s Image In Unrelated Story On Australia’s Apex Gang

BRITHOPTV: [News] Daily Mail Slammed For Using Section Boyz's Image In Unrelated Story On Australia's Apex Gang | #UKRapNews #MusicNews

The Australian arm of one the world’s most visited websites, The Daily Mail found itself in water today, when it published a new story regarding  incidents involving Apex Gang from Melbourne.

Controversy arose when in  an attempt  source  an image that the journalists or editor thought would fit the story, they  chose to use a popular image of UK Rap group Section Boyz.  The original picture clearly shows members  of groups faces, that The Dail Mail blur out, giving an obvious indication that they were fully aware of the fact that they were using an image of people not connected to the story.

It was only going to be matter of time before someone caught wind and brought it to the attention of the Croydon rappers, who were furious when they found out, and expressed their anger via a tweet to The Daily Mail Australia from their official Twitter account  saying the following:

 It appears that The Daily Mail have acknowledged their error, and since writing this article they have now removed Section Boyz‘s image from the story and replaced with images of people alleged to be connected with the Apex Gang.

This latest screw up does bring into question editorial standards at one of the worlds biggest publishers.  While generic images are often used in articles, it can often be assumed by readers that image used is of the people connected to the story, so using image of a group of people who are not related  in any way to the article may deemed deceptive   and irresponsible.

Some have called out what they see as  ‘racist agenda’ they feel is behind the approach to editorial from the The Daily Mail  ,who they feel are grabbing any image on what they deem to be Black youth representative of a gang.

It has also come to light that this the second time that The Daily Mail have used this image in a story not connected to Section Boyz.  What is surprising is how such an image would be given the all clear to be published in the article in the first place, as it clearly shows a group of men on London double-decker bus,  which is out of context for a story on Australian gang story.

It’s not all bad news for the South London trap rappers, they were invited on stage by Drake to perform their street smash, ‘Lock Arff’ on the opening night on the UK leg of his ‘Boy Meets World’ European tour.

31st January 2017

w/c 30th January 2017

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