BRITHOPTV: [News] Blocked Simz: Little Simz Speaks Out About ‘Blocking’ In The UK Music Industry | #MusicNew #UKRap

North London Rapper Little Simz Speaks Out Against Alleged ‘Blocking’ by BBC Radio One 

BRITHOPTV: [News] Blocked Simz: Little Simz Speaks Out About The UK Music Industry 'Blocking Her' | #MusicNew #UKRap North London rapper, Little Simz took to Twitter to express her frustration with what she calls “blocking” taking place in the UK music industry. In a series of tweets she hit out at BBC Radio and industry in general about alleged foul play.

She claims that she was due to play her forthcoming second album, Stillness In Wonderland’, in its entirety, but had the plug pulled  on her at the last minute by the suits at the BBC.

It’s not just Aunty, King Sibi has a problem with, she states: “mind you , it’s nothing new, I’ve been blocked left right and centre by promoters, labels, websites etc , near enough my whole career”

While she did not elaborate too much on her claims,  she encouraged supporters to  message the station to get answers. The BBC has not responded to these allegations.

While Little Sim doesn’t seem to have the profile in the UK “Urban” scene as some other artist, she continues to make strides, pushing her music, and  building connections in places most other UK rappers don’t resulting in her awards,  tours, and radio appearances in other countries. Continuing with her out-of- the-box and unconventional approaches to promoting her music, Little Simz has announced she will embark on a mini festival, and lunch a comic book in support of her sophomore release.

9th December 2016

w/c 5th December 2016

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