BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] Mikill Pane (@MikillPane) & Rebecca Judd (@Rebecca_Judd) #TBCPodcast [GRM Daily] | #Podcast #Music

Mikill Pane (@ MikillPane) Rebecca Judd (@Rebecca_Judd) #TBCPodcast [GRM Daily]

Podcast presented by Mikill Pane and Rebecca Judd discussing various issues and providing social commentary for GRM Daily.

Episode 31: J2K from protecting your rep to protecting your crep

 #TBC Podcast is back for a brand new edition, featuring  regular hosts Mikill Pane and Rebecca Judd, as well as producer Ren.

The gang discuss all the week’s hot topics,  with special guest,Grime MC and Crep Protect Founder J2k .

Hosts: Mikill & Rebecca Judd

Produced By: Ren

Brought to you by: GRM Daily & Bernie Mac

Rebecca Judd [@Rebecca_Judd]

Mikill Pane [@MikillPane]
Ren [@Ren_GRM]

J2k (@j2klive)

BRITHOPTV: [Podcast] Mikill Pane (@MikillPane) Vidal (@upinthev) TBC Podcast [GRM Daily] | #Podcast #Music

5th December 2016

w/c 5th December 2016

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