BRITHOPTV: [News/Event] Dizzee Rascal (@DizzeeRascal) – ‘Boy In Da Corner’ Live In London | #Grime #UKHipHop

Dizzee Rascal (@DizzeeRascal) – To Perform ‘Boy In Da Corner’ Live In London 

BRITHOPTV: [News/Event] Dizzee Rascal (@DizzeeRascal) - 'Boy In Da Corner' Live In London | #Grime #UKHipHop

Earlier this year the Redbull Music Academy announced they would be staging a special event that would see grime veteran, Dizzee Rascal perform his  entire debut album, ‘Boy In Da Corner’ at a live show.

As you can imagine, grime fans were jumping up and down with excitement at  the prospect of seeing raskitt perform tracks from his classic debut LP.  That excitement was short lived, when it was revealed that this show would be in New York in the US.

Grime fans took to social media to express their disappointment, that the show was not going to be held in Dizzee’s  home city,  the place that inspired the gritty sonic masterpiece. Journalist and Grime enthusiast, HyperFrank, wasn’t having any of it,  and decided to petition Dizzee Rascal,  and his manager, Nick Cage to request that the ‘Boy In Da Corner’ live show be brought to London.

Five months and 1,480 signatures later, it appears Dizzee along with his management, and Redbull Music Academy must’ve caught  wind of the momentum this campaign had picked up, and announced  via social media today, (Tuesday, August 30, 2016) that they will be bringing the ‘Boy In Da Corner Show’ to London.


 Dizzee Rascal will perform  his debut album live in its entirety in the UK for the first time on Friday October 21 at a secret London location.


Tickets go on sale at on the week commencing September 5. For more details follow @RedBullUK on Twitter.

30th August 2016

w/c 29th August 2016


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