BRITHOPTV: [Music Business Advice] Combat Jack (@CombatJack) On “The Benefits of Owning Your Publishing” [@ AmaruDonTV] | #MusicBusiness #ArtistAdvice

Combat Jack (@CombatJack) On  “The Benefits of Owning Your Publishing” [@AmaruDonTV] #ArtistAdvice

Copyright is the most important asset you have as a musician and understanding it’s concepts and how to maximize income from it can turn around your career, make you money and help you get exposure.

If you own 100% of the publishing on your songs, you’ll be able to collect all royalties owed to you from public performance, digital (internet radio and on-demand streaming), synchronization (TV, film, and video games), mechanical royalties (sales of physical recordings and downloads).

Check out our interview with Combat Jack discussing the benefits of owning your publishing.

2nd August 2016

w/c 1st August 2016


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