BRITHOPTV: [Web Show] Kay Ewumi (@ KayEwumi) – #HoodDocumentary | #Comedy #Funny

Kay Ewumi (@ KayEwumi)– #HoodDocumentary

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We follow Internet sensation and ‘triple threat’ Reece aka R.S aka Roll Safe in his ‘Hood’ as he lives his life as a ‘young and upcoming creative’

Series 2

Episode 6 ) L.J. discovers R.S. at his mixtape launch – and he is not happy. As a rap battle ensues and the two trade verbal blows, who will come off worse?

Episode 5) R.S.’s arch rival is holding a launch party for his new mixtape; R.S. is determined to go.

Episode 4)  R.S. has an interview at the Job Centre, but he’s not interested in what they are offering…

Episode 3) Yoga Class – When R.S. rocks up to a film class that is actually a yoga class, he don’t run. He just takes charge, funks it up and hits on a foxy lady called Heather. Smooth…

Episode 2) Family Business – R.S.’s aunt Deborah has just landed herself a new job, and wants to tell them all about it

Episode 1) happy Belated – In this episode R.S. is taking Rachel for a belated birthday meal – but will there be romance?

Series 1 (Pilot)

Episode 2) – “All About Impulse”

Episode 1) We Followed Reece aka R.S in his day to day endeavours around his ‘Hood’ as he promised to show us how he is a perfect example of a young and upcoming creative.

In this episode, we are introduced to some of his friends for the first time and get a sneak peak of of his musical and acting talent.

6th July 2016

W/C  6th July 2016

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