BRITHOPTV: [News] Skepta (@Skepta) Graces The Cover of ‘Wish You Were Here’ Live Music Report | #Grime #MusicNews

Skepta (@Skepta) Graces The Cover of  ‘Wish You Were Here 2016’ Live Music Report

BRITHOPTV: [News] Skepta (@Skepta) Graces The Cover of 'Wish You Were Here' Live Music Report | #Grime #MusicNews

Boy Better Know‘s Skepta graces the cover of the ‘Wish You Were Here 2016’ report published today (Monday, June 13) on live music in Britain.

His inclusion on the cover of the report follows The Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, praising Grime artist for the work they’re doing in spreading the British genre overseas, in his address at the International  Showcase Fund’s launch of its Impact Report,.

The Wish You Were Here 2016  study was carried out by Oxford Economics on behalf of UK Music, an  umbrella organisation which represents the collective interests of the UK’s commercial music industry. The purpose of the study was highlight the significant contribution live music and music tourism made to the UK economy during 2015.

The detailed report features both national and regional figures and for the first time reveals the huge impact of music tourism to twelve UK cities: Norwich, Leicester, Newcastle, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Brighton, Exeter, Cardiff, Coventry, Hull and London.

Key findings from the ‘Wish You Were Here 2016’  report were that:

A total audience of 27.7 million attended live music events in the UK in 2015

More people are watching live music locally….17.3 million local residents attended music events in their local area in 2015. This was up +14% from 2014.

3.7 million Attended a festival in 2015 in the UK

24 million Attended a concert in 2015 in the UK

Music tourism generated £3.7 billion in total direct and indirect spend in the UK last year. This was a +7% increase from last year.

There were 10.4 million music tourists in the UK in 2015. This is 38% of the whole live music audience.

Overseas music tourism increased by +16% to 767,000 visitors in 2015.

There were 39,034 full time jobs in the UK sustained by music tourism in 2015

£852 was the average spend by an overseas music tourist visiting in the UK in 2015. This was an increase of +13% from last year

Music tourists generated a £549 million box office spend on tickets in 2015. £38 million of which came from tickets bought by overseas music tourists.

8.4 million total live music audience in London in 2015. 3.2 million of which were music tourists.

This year we were able to measure the impact of Grassroots Music venues (under 1500 capacity) for the first time. These vital venues were visited by a total audience of 5.6 million audience in 2015.

To summarise, the key take away point it that Britain is experiencing a growth (16%) in overseas tourists travelling to the UK to attend our music events, each with an average spend of £852 going directly to UK businesses. This increase in music tourism provides a huge boost to employment throughout the country, with 39,034 full time jobs in 2015 sustained by music tourism in the UK. The report provides detailed evidence of the direct impact that music events and this new influx of fans have within every region of the UK, as well as practical examples of some of the many festivals and venues and companies that are helping to support this booming music tourism industry.

Full Methodology is available at

Click here to download the full report:

Skepta‘s album ‘Konnichiwa’ is now on All Good digital outlets

Skepta Konnichiwa13th June 2016

w/c 13th June 2016

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