BRITHOPTV [ARTICLE] Looking Back At Wiley’s Debut Album ‘Treddin On Thin Ice’ 12 Years After Its Release | #Grime


File:TreddinOnThinIce.jpgOn April 26, 2004 (twelve years ago today) The Godfather of Grime”, Wiley‘s debut album, “Treddin’ on Thin Ice” was released on XL Recordings.

It was the second Grime album to be released on a label with commercial clout (the first being Dizzee Rascal’s “Boy In Da Corner”), and helped to shape the future of the music we now refer to as Grime.  It fact, the song “Wot Do U Call It”, was directly addressing the debate over the categorisation of the sound he coined Eskibeat,  which achieved top 40 success when it went to No. #31 in the UK  singles chart in April 2004.

WILEY  Header

WILEY   Artist   Official Charts

He narrowly missed the top 40 with what we feel is the stand out track on the album,“PIES”,  which went to No. #45 in the charts in August of 2004.  Our only major gripe with this album is that it doesn’t contain the full version of “Eskimo”, widely considered to be the first Grime track in history.

Wiley we salute you!

Track listing

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. “The Game” TNT 3:09
2. “Pick U R Self Up” (featuring Breeze, J2K & Riko) Target & Danny Weed 4:01
3. Wot Do U Call It? Wiley 3:19
4. “Eskimo (Interlude)” Wiley 0:56
5. “Goin’ Mad” Wiley 3:38
6. “Doorway” Wiley 3:50
7. “Special Girl” (featuring Kano) Wiley 4:34
8. “Avalanche (Interlude)” Wiley 1:23
9. “Reasons” Wiley 4:08
10. “Got Somebody” Wiley 3:59
11. “Pies” Wiley 3:26
12. “Ice-Rink (Interlude)” Wiley 0:34
13. “Next Level” (featuring J2K, Tinchy Stryder &Kano) Wiley 3:21
14. “Treddin’ on Thin Ice” Wiley 3:14
15. “I Was Lost” Wiley 3:24
Total length:

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