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67 (Official6ix7) The Interview [VladTV]

UK Drillaz 67  sits down with VladTV for an in depth Interview. Click on the top left  corner of the player to select a part of the interview you would like to see.

1) 67 on Bloods & Crips Starting in Brixton: They Got Too Into American Culture

2) 67 on Emulating Drill Sound Out of Chicago Blowing Up in the U.K. – U.K. rap group 67 discusses what made them start pursuing music and how the start of their group came when one of the members stole a mic from a pawn shop. The also discuss other artists who have hailed from their hometown of Brixton and how they put their flip on the Drill sound.

3) 67 on Having Their First UK Tour Sell Out & Shut Down By Police

Imagine being an artist with fans and a sold-out tour. Now, imagine your tour being canceled by police without your knowledge. This is what happened with UK’s rawest crew, 67. The group tells DJ Vlad that they, like so many other rappers in the UK, were approached by British police and shut down. With only weeks away from the start of their tour, the rap group explained how fans alerted them to the tour cancellation after receiving news via email.

4) 67 Breaks Down UK Street Slang: Lurk, Skeng, Corn, Hooters, Dumpies, Spinners

In the above clip from 67’s November 2016 interview with VladTV, the UK rap group talked linking with fellow UK pioneer Giggs for the single “Let’s Lurk,” which accrued over 7 million views on YouTube. Next, Vlad and 67 discuss UK hip hop existing in a bubble, and finally, the rap collective explains some UK slang.

5)  Dimzy of 67 on Getting His Arm Broken By a Cop, No Snitches in Brixton Hill

UK rap group 67 sat down to speak about police brutality happening in their country, and Dimzy pointed out that he got his arm broken by police “for no reason.” While not going into too many details, Dimzy said he was walking in the middle of the street when he was attacked by police in 2016.

Other members of the group also shared being terrorized by police, adding that they don’t think there are any police that are not corrupt. When asked if they would call the police for any crime, they were all in agreement that under no circumstances would they reach out, adding that they police Brixton Hill.

To hear more of what 67 had to say, including their thoughts on snitches, hit the above clip.

6) LD of 67 Explains His Mask, MF Doom Comparisons, LD & Scribz Not the Same

UK rap collective 67 are a unique bunch: one of their members, LD, is a mask-wearing MF Doom-like enigma, their raw sound is almost comparable to Chicago drill, and none of them are scheming up individual career paths a la Wu-Tang Clan. In this clip from their interview with VladTV, LD gives Vlad a little backstory on his mask, and the rest of the crew talks friendly competition and how they depart from the Wu-Tang model of hip-hop groups.

7) 67 Clear Up Dimzy Chain Snatching Rumor, UK Rappers Being More Petty

67 knows that the UK rap scene is unique: it’s smaller, more controlled, and according to them, pettier. In this clip, 67 clear up rumors of beef with other artists and talk how even though UK artists are petty, the major rappers still come together to collaborate. Watch above.

25th March 2017

w/c 20th March 2017


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