BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Krept (@KreptPlayDirty) & Konan (@KonanPlayDirty) “Don’t Waste My Time” Remix Put Us On in USA [@VladTV] | #UKRap #UKHipHop

Krept (@KreptPlayDirty) & Konan (@KonanPlayDirty)  “Don’t Waste My Time” Remix Put Us On in USA [@VladTV]

UK hip-hop duo Krept and Konan recently sat down with VladTV to discuss their tough childhoods and how they were discovered by American audiences.

“It definitely wasn’t tea and crumpets,” Krept joked when asked about growing up in London. “We didn’t grow up with silver spoons,” Konan added, before recalling the tragic story of watching his mother and stepfather get murdered in front of him. “We’ve been through a lot of things growing up in London,” he said.

After breaking down how the two met and started making music, Krept revealed that at one point there were more members of the group, but they were the only two who avoided going away to prison.

“It just ended up being me and him, and we just took it to here,” Krept explained. “We just never stopped, even though we were going through all these situations…”

Moving on, Krept broke down how their remix of French Montana’s “Don’t Waste My Time” became the first song to really get them noticed by American audiences.

Check out the clip to hear more from the guys, including a massive compliment they got from YG at a show in London and their involvement in the Gipset gang.

5th August 2015

w/c 3rd August 2015

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