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The #Grime War Dubs – The History Part 2

We present you with part Two of  The Grime War Dubs: The History. Compilation of the War dubs from the early days of Grime.


Crazy Titch – Jus’ An Arsehole
Crazy Titch – Lethal B Slew
Crazy Titch – Sending For Dizzee
Crazy Titch & Delusion – Fire Camp Diss
Crazy Titch & Trim – Heat Up Freestyle
Desperado – Auto Gunz
Devilman – End Up In Trouble (Sizzla & Flex Diss)
Devilman – Swing Dem (Skepta Diss)
Dizzee Rascal – Sending For Titch
Dizzee Rascal – Wiley Slew
Dizzee Rascal & Wiley – Fix Up Look Sharp
Dot Rotten – Can’t Diss Hoodstars
Dot Rotten – Fuck Wiley
Dot Rotten – Reply To Scratcha
Dot Rotten – Woah Ouh Woah (Xmas Special)
Durrty Goodz – Cokey The Snowman
Durrty Goodz – Eskimo Dub (Wiley Dub 2)
Durrty Goodz – Igloo Dub (Wiley Dub 1)
Durrty Goodz – Panty, Bras, Coke & Cameras
Durrty Goodz – Wiley Diss
DVA – War Dub
Earz – Lights Out
Wiley – End Of The World (Durrty Goodz Diss)
Essentials – Firetramp
Flex – D.E.V Snitching
Flirta D – Ghetto Burial
Flirta D – Kano Slew
Flow Dan – Fuck Arrf (Trim Diss)
Flow Dan Vs Nicky Forcer
Flow Dan Vs Sniper E
Fumin – FWD (Roll Deep Diss)
Germz & Snoopy – Greeze In Grime
Roll Deep – E3 Riddim (Firecamp Diss)
Griminal – Dojo Riddim (Jammer Diss)
Skepta, JME, & Wiley VS. Flirta D, Shiesty Shadow & Swarvo – Halloween Sidewinder.

Part One here

28th April 2015

w/c 27th April 2015


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