BRITHOPTV: [Debate] Swiss (@SwissWorld) and Alex Dutty (@AlexDuttyMusic) on Racial Identity and British Rap #TheConversationWithClaireClottey Part 1 | #UKRap #UKHipHop

Swiss (@SwissWorld) and Alex Dutty (@AlexDuttyMusic) on Racial Identity and British Rap #TheConversationWithClaireClottey Part 1

At a time when the Western World was asking questions about Racial Identity, Racial Equality, Racial Power & Racial Justice…Names like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin at the forefront of our minds…Constant reminders of the oppression of black people through the ongoing release of Hollywood slave movies…

“Nigger?” Released by Former So Solid Member, skilled DJ, Lyricist, Producer, Author and Rapper Swiss automatically got our attention!…

Shortly after, many of us got whiplash as Alex Dutty a popular underground rapper with a solid reputation for his award nominated mixtapes, refreshingly honest yet entertaining rap style released “Proud to be White”…

What the hell where they thinking?!!

Find out on #TheConversationWithClaireClottey

An intense interview that uncovers who Swiss and Alex Dutty are, what motivates them, frustrates them and unites them.

Worth the watch!

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BRITHOPTV- [Debate] Swiss (@SwissWorld) and Alex Dutty (@AlexDutty) on Racial Identity and British Rap #TheConversationWithClaireClottey Part 1 - #Grime #UKRap.

17th February 2015

w/c 16th February 2015

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