BRITHOPTV: [Battle Video] @leftylgn @officialdotz @unanymousmate @joelwattz @natrillhigh @ceemajor @raptorwarhurst @killaimpact #CribClashes [S:01 EP:01] [@TimWestwood TV] | #UKHipHop #UKBattleRap

@leftylgn @officialdotz @unanymousmate @joelwattz @natrillhigh @ceemajor @raptorwarhurst @killaimpact  #CribClashes [S:01 EP:01] [@TimWestwood TV]

The first of the Crib Clashes! You decide the winners by leaving a comment on each round.
Dotz Vs. Lefty
Unanymous Vs Bamalam
Natrill Vs Cee Major
Raptor Vs Impact

Shot by @bodybagnall

Battlers – @leftylgn @officialdotz @unanymousmate @joelwattz @natrillhigh @ceemajor @raptorwarhurst @killaimpact

 BRITHOPTV- [Battle Video] @leftylgn @officialdotz @unanymousmate @joelwattz @natrillhigh @ceemajor @raptorwarhurst @killaimpact #CribClashes [S-01 EP-01] [@TimWestwood TV]- #UKHipHop #UKBattleRap

17th January 2015

w/c 12th January 2015

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