BRITHOPTV: [News] N-Dubz’s Tulisa and UK Rapper Mike GLC cleared in Drug Case| #News #UKRap

N-Dubz’s Tulisa and UK Rapper Mike GLC cleared in Drug Case.

BRITHOPTV: [News] N-Dubz's Tulisa and UK Rapper Mike GLC cleared in Drug Case| #News #UKRap

N-Dubz singer and Former X- Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, and friend UK rapper Mike GLC  have been cleared of supplying a class A drug.

The case fell apart after Judge Alistair McCreath ruled that Mahzer Mahmood,  who was contracted by Sun on Sunday, had given was ‘Inconsistent Evidence’ in relation to questions he was asked about communication with his driver Adam Smith, who gave a statement to the police.

He told Southwark Crown Court that the case could not go any further, as he had strong grounds to believe the Mr Mahmood had, “Lied”, during the hearing, and explained further;

‘Where there has been some aspect of the investigation or prosecution of a crime which is tainted in some way by serious misconduct to the point that the integrity of the court would be compromised by allowing the trial to go ahead, in that sense the court would be seen to be sanctioning or colluding in that sort of behaviour, then the court has no alternative but to say, “this case must go no further”‘

Relieved that the case had been thrown out, Ms Contostavlos  read out statement outside court:

‘As my lawyer said at the outset, we have now succeeded in exposing the real culprits and most importantly, the real liar. 

‘As someone who has had my life ruined for the past year, I strongly  believe that this type of entrapment should not happen to anyone.

‘I urge both the police and News UK to investigate Mazher Mahmood and his team and to put an end to his deceit in pursuit of sensational stories for commercial gain.’

She said: ‘I have never been involved in either taking or dealing cocaine. This whole case was a horrific and disgusting entrapment by Mazher Mahmood and the Sun on Sunday newspaper.’

‘Mahmood has now been exposed by my lawyers as lying to the judge and jury. These lies were told to stop crucial evidence going before the jury. This evidence showed that I told Mahmood’s long-standing driver that I disapproved of drugs – which is the truth.’ 

‘It is clear that the driver was pressurised to change statement to strengthen Mahmood’s evidence and to do damage to mine.’

UK Rapper Mike GLC,  (Real name Michael Coombs)  pleaded guilty to supplying an ounce  (13.9g) of a  Class A drug, at the start of the trial,  but he walked  free as the judge said the case could not continue against him.

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