BRITHOPTV: [Live Acoustic Performance] Brotherhood ( @BrotherhoodUK) – ‘ #KAGet2Know’ [GRM Daily] | #Grime #UKRap

Brotherhood ( ) – ‘ #KAGet2Know’ [GRM Daily]

GRM and KA Drinks have team up to bring you some of the best acts the you need to #Get2know this summer. A sibling hip hop duo from Ipswich have proven you don’t need a lucrative record contract and a big studio to conquer the music industry — as they reached the top 10 of an iTunes chart with their latest album and an EP before that. Brotherhood, which is made up of Jerome and Byron Ingham, they mostly create their music at their home and have no manager, label or media support behind them. You’ve got to get to know them.

For your chance to become a KA #Get2know act please visit and make sure you follow @grmdaily and @kadrinks for all the latest info.

Filmed at Denmark Street Studios –

 BRITHOPTV: [Live Acoustic Performance] Brotherhood ( @BrotherhoodUK) - ' #KAGet2Know' [GRM Daily] | Grime UK Rap

23rd June  2014

w/c 23rd June  2014

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