BRITHOPTV: [Music News/Statistics] @Meridian_Dan’s – ‘ #GermanWhip’ single & remixes E.P. hit No. #5 & No. #43 in the iTunes Top 100 respectively | #Grime

@Meridian_Dan’s ‘ #GermanWhip’ single & remixes E.P. hit No. #5 & No. #43 in the iTunes Top 100 respectively

After almost a year of taking the underground by storm, Meridian Dan’s monster of a track ‘German Whip Featuring Big H & JME’, finally got it’s release on 12:00am Sunday, April 13.

The online campaign kicked into effect straight away with Boy Better Know head-honcho , JME, putting his weight behind the track pushing it via his Facebook page.

Approximately one hour after its release someone with the Twitter moniker Phill BBK (Not sure if he is an official member of the Grime label),had announced via Twitter that the single had already made its way to No. #10 in the iTunes top 100 download chart.

— Phil (@PhilBBK) April 13, 2014

It was clear that with ‘German Whip cruising to No. #10 within in the first hour that there was a lot more fuel in the tank with this single,  and within the next three hours the fans had shifted gears, accelerating the German Whip’s purchases pushing its chart position to No. #5.

iTunes UK Top 100 GW 5

PMR Records have also released the ‘German Whip’ remixes E.P. , which hasn’t performed too badly, and at the time of writing this article was sitting at No. #43 on iTunes top 100 download chart.

iTunes UK Top 100 Gw RMX 43

We’ve have been following the ascent of  ‘#GermanWhip’ for a while, and have reported on the Poster campaign hitting the streets, original video reaching one million, and two million views on youtube, Tinie Tempah bringing Meridian Dan out on stage to perform ‘#GermanWhip’ at the O2 arena, Meridian Dan getting a Vevo account for the Official video, the all star ‘#GermanWhip’ remix featuring Skepta, Professor Green, Bossman Birdie,  and Rizzle Kicks,  as well as Meridian Dan interviews and other footage.

Meridian Dan’s  ‘German Whip’ is OUT NOW! on PMR Records. Buy it here —

Note: At the time of publishing this article ‘German Whip’, had slid a four places to No. #9 on the iTunes top 100 download chart.

Meridian Dan – ‘German Whip Featuring Big H, & JME’ Original Video


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