BRITHOPTV: [NEWS] Cashtastic: “The UK is my home”, rapper thanks fans for their support & tells them to keep the campaign going | #News

Cashtastic: “The UK is my home”, rapper thanks fans for their support & tells them to keep the campaign going.

BRITHOPTV: [NEWS] Cashtastic: "The UK is my home", rapper thanks fans for their support & tells them to keep the campaign going | #News

On Friday March 28, south London rapper Cashtastic was deported  back to Jamaica following being detained by the UK Border Agency UKBA) for two weeks prior.

The timing of deportation couldn’t have come as at worse time, as Cashtastic signed to Universal publishing, had just released his hist latest E.P. ‘Alarm Clock’,  and a video for his appropriately named track ‘Life on the Edge’.

BBC Newsbeat managed to tracked down 20 -year-old in his country of origin, and speaking exclusively with them he expressed how much being back in Jamaica is a culture shock for him.

In a specially recorded video message he thanked his fans for all their support, and said that he will continue with his music, as well his fight to return to the UK, a place he considers home.

The circumstances surrounding his detainment are still unclear, but while he was was being held by UKBA, he tried to the attention and support of MP Simon Hughes to request the deportation to be stopped,

Speaking with the BBC, Simon Hughes MP,  expressed that he was made aware of Cashief Nichols case and  raised the issue with Home Office, but was unable to stop the deportation, due to the advanced stage of the case, which had already been in front of a judge twice.

The Justice & Civil Liberties minister and MP for Bermondsey & Southwark stressed that although Cashtastic has been deported, that he can appeal the courts decision from Jamaica.

Keeping upbeat about the situation the Cashtastic assures his fans that he will be back in the UK soon, and urges fans to keep fighting for him.

The fight to keep the Peckham-poet in the UK initially took the form of online petition, but will be now given new impetus with documentary planned

Cashtastic (real name Cashief Nichols) came to the UK from Jamaica when he was six- years-old. The south London rapper who last month was removed from the UK says he wants “justice” so he can return.

Cashtastic , ‘Alarm Clock mixtape OUT NOW!

Alarm Clock, Cashtastic


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