BRITHOPTV: [Music News] Going back to their Roots: Big Dada marks 15th Anniversary of @RootsManuva’s ‘Brand New Second Hand’ album with Free download | #UKHipHop #UKRap

Big Dada Records gives away a free download in honour of the fifthteenth anniversary of  Roots Manuva’s ‘Brand New Second Hand’ release

File:RootsManuva BrandNewSecondHand albumcover.jpg

Cutting edge Hip-Hop label, Big Dada, have decided to make Roots Manuva’s track ‘Movement,’ available for free download to mark the fifthteenth anniversary of the release of his debut album, ‘Brand New Second Hand’.

Released on March 1, 1999, ‘Brand New Second Hand’, showcased Roots Manuva’s unique dub-inspired, bass- heavy sound, and his commanding big voice, which he most likely inherited from his father, a Pentecostal preacher.

The lead single from album ‘Juggle Tings Proper’,  is a mid-Tempo head-nodder, layered with a mystic Rza-style sample,  and boombastic bass that encapsulates the vibe of the album. The video for the single managed to get played on MTV,  at a time when there were very few UK Hip-Hop videos were being supported.  Slightly leftfield, ‘Brand New Second Hand’,  is quintessentially British,  a seminal work that earned Roots Manuva a Mercury Award nomination.  In UK Hip-Hop terms the album was a critical and commercial success,  achieving BPI certified a Silver status selling over 60,000 units in the UK.

While Big Dada have  chosen to make ‘Movement’ free to download, we thought we would showcase the album for those who may not have heard it.

Roots Manuva, we salute you!

Track listing

  1. “Movements” (produced by Roots Manuva)
  2. “Dem Phonies” feat. IG Culture (produced by IG Culture)
  3. “Juggle Tings Proper” (produced by Roots Manuva)
  4. “Inna” (produced by Hylton Smythe)
  5. “Soul Decay” feat. Jodi (produced by Wayne Bennett)
  6. “Baptism” feat. Wildflower (produced by Roots Manuva)
  7. “Strange Behaviour” (produced by Hylton Smythe)
  8. “Organ Skit”
  9. “Big Tings Gwidarn” feat. Seanie T. (produced by Roots Manuva)
  10. “Sinking Sands” feat. Sober Now (produced by Wayne Bennett)
  11. “Wisdom Fall” (produced by Roots Manuva)
  12. “Roots-Fi Discotheque” (Skit)
  13. “Clockwork” (produced by Roots Manuva)
  14. “Cornmeal Dumpling” feat. Thomas E (produced by Jam El & Roots Manuva)
  15. “Fever” feat. Richard Molyneaux (produced by V.R.S.)
  16. “Oh Yeah”… (produced by Roots Manuva)
  17. “Motion 5000” feat. Isabelle Dunn & Stella Page (produced by Roots Manuva)

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