BRITHOPTV: [Music News] @Meridian_Dan – ‘German Whip Ft. @BigHOfficial & @JMEBBK’ smashes through the 1M views mark on YouTube | #Grime |

[Music News] @Meridian_Dan  -‘German Whip Ft. @BigHOfficial & @JMEBBK ‘ smashes through the 1M views mark on YouTube

London Grime MC, Meridian Dan, has been causing a lot noise over last couple of months with his latest track, ‘German Whip Featuring Big H, & JME’, which has smashed through the one million views mark on youtube. It was uploaded on the Google owned site by the leading online youth broadcaster SBTV, on September, 29,2013, and has been rapidly growing in popularity, and at the time of writing this article was sitting pretty at 1,075,599 youtube views.

Tinie Tempah gave the track his official approval when he covered ‘German whip’ for a live recording session for the BBC, which may have helped to give the track an extra boost, getting more of a mainstream audience enquiring about the song he was performing.

The viral success of this track has got some asking: ‘Could @Meridian_Dan mark the start of a new era for grime?’, ushering in a new wave of excitement and commercial success for the genre, many not so long ago had declared dead.

Meridian Dan has recently signed to Pmr Records who will be officially releasing ‘German Whip’ on March, 31, 2014. What do you think? Can Grime rise again ?


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